Predictive Maintenance Programs

For many Vibtech clients, the most powerful and cost effective approach to Vibration Analysis is through a Predictive Maintenance Program.

The Objectives of a Predictive Maintenance Program include:

  • Control Downtime
  • Increase Production
  • Target Maintenance Efforts
  • Enable Prioritized Repair Scheduling
  • Reduce Damage to Equipment
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Reduce Overtime
  • Maximize Return on Maintenance Dollars

Under such a program, the severity of vibration readings becomes secondary to the rate of change … it is as important to know how a machine is changing over time as it is to know whether or not a given reading is over or under alarm points. For example, a machine’s bearing vibrations may be in ranges which, by themselves, would indicate that it needs immediate replacing. However, when viewed over time, the vibration levels may be changing very slowly and the repair can be more conveniently scheduled. Conversely, readings which are barely in alarm may not seem to be of concern, but the rate of deterioration may indicate that replacement should be made immediately.

All successful Predictive Maintenance Programs have these critical elements:

  • The frequency between checks must be adequate to facilitate prediction.
  • All measurements must be captured and stored for reference and analysis.
  • There must be some method of trending data.
  • Reporting is specific about problems, and clearly indicates the corrective work that is required.

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Our Predictive Maintenance Programs offer superior results because we:

  • routinely collect more data per machine … resulting in more accurate analysis and diagnosis,
  • use proprietary software to generate unique and detailed reports,
  • report using specific comments, in plain language, detailing the work that is needed – with visual aids that highlight the most critical issues,
  • provide useful summary reports for management.

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