Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis has been a developing science since the 1940’s, but has only been available to general industry for the last few decades. While many conditions can be diagnosed, the most common are:

  • Unbalance
  • Failing Bearings
  • Lubrication Problems
  • Misalignment
  • Mechanical Looseness
  • Belt/Drive Problems

The key to determining the root cause of a mechanical problem lies in the analysis of the vibration spectrum. Before a spectrum can be analyzed, the Analyst must know all of the various rotating speeds of the different components of the machine. This requires a stroboscopic inspection which isolates the speed of the part.
Once speeds are known, the Analyst takes a “spectrum” which breaks down and graphs the vibrations by severity (amplitude) vs frequency. When the Analyst can see that the problem is centered about a specific frequency and he knows what is turning at that frequency, he can quickly isolate the root cause of the failure.
Eliminating vibration leads to:
• Less Downtime
• Increased Productivity
• Improved Machine Reliability
• Lower Maintenance Costs
• Increased Bearing Life
• Extended Seal Life
• Longer Coupling Life

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