Ultrasonic Air Conservation

Most maintenance managers and plant engineers know that compressed air is the most expensive utility in their facility – but few realize how expensive it really is. It is not unusual for this cost to exceed 30% of the total electrical cost for the entire plant.

Compressed air is costly to produce. According to the USA Department of Energy, 7 – 8 hp of electrical energy is required to operate a 1 hp air motor at 100 psig. Compounding this is the huge waste of compressed air due to leaks. Losses due to leaks are estimated to be about 25% for plants that do not have an air conservation program, and explains why pinhole leaks are so important to discover and correct.

The following chart shows how even the smallest leak can rob your operating dollars:

Based on 100 PSIG with an estimated cost of $0.24/MCF running 8,700 Hours/Year

Vibtech identifies and marks the sources of air leaks for your correction – all done during normal operating hours. Leaks are tagged and a full report will be issued with digital pictures positively identifying the problem locations, and estimating the air leak cost.


Vibtech’s Ultrasonic Air Conservation Program:

• Lowers energy consumption
• Decreases compressor load
• Is Non interruptive to production
• Offers an immediate payback

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