Services Overview

Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis is the science of measuring vibration levels in rotating equipment, interpreting the collected data and determining which component or condition is causing distress to the machine.

Infrared Thermography

Electrical components become hotter as they enter failure mode. As an integral part of its Predictive Maintenance Programs, Vibtech uses infrared cameras to record thermal maps of critical electrical components.
Vibtech has extended this technology to other applications such as roofing anomalies and industrial oven insulation breakdown.


We analyze rotating components for mechanical faults, including unbalance. When the root cause is identified it is either corrected immediately while on site, or specific written recommendations are provided.

Laser Alignment

Premature bearing failures, and generally poor machine histories can often be directly attributed to machine misalignment. Experts in machine condition monitoring estimate that well over 50% of all vibration related failures are due to this condition. Misalignment generally occurs between shafts, shaft couplings, drive sheaves, sprockets or bearings.

Out of balance and misalignment conditions lead to premature component failure.

Infra red visual of hot spots

Vibration is ultimately destructive