Laser Alignment

Many vibration problems, premature bearing failures, and generally poor machine histories can be directly attributed to misalignment. Experts in machine condition monitoring and vibration analysis estimate that well over 50% of all vibration problems are due to this condition. The term “misalignment” generally encompasses drive sheave or sprocket misalignment, bearing misalignment, or shaft/coupling misalignment.

The accuracy with which two shafts are aligned is directly related to the life of bearings, shaft couplings, and other components such as gears and mechanical seals. Bearing manufacturers, when estimating 100% life expectancy for their bearings, base their calculations on properly (accurately) aligned equipment.

Figure 1 clearly illustrates the drastic reduction in bearing service as the degree of misalignment increases.

Our trained alignment professionals will take care to ensure that proper alignment includes any appropriate compensations for operating conditions. The most common adjustment is allowing for thermal growth of the various components in the machine as the equipment changes in temperature.

The results of precision alignments are dramatic and yield immediate results.

  • Machines become more energy efficient since less power is consumed fighting friction due to misalignment.
  • Bearings no longer rely on lubrication to reduce contact friction, but “float” on a lubricant film.
  • Couplings no longer flex but pass purely torsional loads.
  • Downtime decreases as the Mean Time Between Failure rate increases.

By dramatically improving machinery condition, inexpensive laser alignments can be one of the most cost effective ways to stretch the maintenance dollar.



Figure 1: Bearing wear

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Vibtech’s state-of-the-art shaft-to-shaft Laser Alignment service tests for motor coupling mis-alignment.


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