Predictive Infrared Analysis Programs

All successful Predictive Maintenance Programs have a number of critical characteristics.

  • The frequency between checks must be adequate to permit failures to be predicted, thereby avoiding expensive downtime and interruptions to production.
  • All measurements must be captured and stored for future reference and analysis.
  • There must be some method of trending data.
  • Reporting must meet management’s needs, be specific about problems, and clearly indicate corrective work required.

Vibtech offers the only truly “Predictive” InfraRed Program:

  • Full plant wide checks are done twice a year to identify problems before they result in catastrophic failures.
  • Thermal images are recorded on all points regardless of whether or not faults are found. These images are stored as reference.
  • Priority levels are set for every anomaly.
  • All data is entered into a Trending Report which lists all equipment checked, its condition and the priority levels assigned to each.
  • Follow-up surveys are scheduled two to three months after each complete plant survey. Previously noted anomalies are re-checked to ensure that corrective work has solved the problem.

A variety of reports are offered to ensure that information is provided in a timely and useful format:

Sample Infrared Start-Up report (756 Kb) 

Standard Infrared Anomaly report (1.06 Mb)

Sample Infrared Trending report (483 Kb)

Thermal photograph reveals a fault on one phase of a three phase disconnect switch.