Maintenance Efficiency Is Environmentally Friendly

There are many simple ways to achieve energy savings and minimize your footprint. Vibtech is making it’s own contribution, switching to a paperless delivery system for all Predictive Maintenance customers who are willing.

Going paperless is only one aspect of how Vibtech can assist your company to lessen it’s environmental footprint and save money at the same time:

Adopt a Best Practices Precision Maintenance Approach

The very premise upon which Vibtech was founded is GREEN. We have always striven to optimize machinery reliability and lifespan. When parts last longer there are fewer replacements and less environmental impact. Often, scrap rates are directly related to machinery performance. When we enable your manufacturing equipment to run as smoothly and reliably as possible, the subsequent reduction in scrap will lower your environmental impact. Let us partner with you to achieve greater Mean Time Between Failures, save money, and become more Eco Friendly.

Infrared Thermography Identifies Waste Energy

Perhaps one of the greenest technologies, Infrared Thermography identifies hot spots in electrical panels. Hot spots are not only signs of failing components, but are in themselves, sources of waste heat – heat which you are paying for. All too often, you are then burdening your cooling system to remove this heat from your facility. Identifying and correcting hot spots is a cost effective and GREEN activity.

Infrared Thermography is also instrumental in identifying faults in insulation of industrial baking/oven lines, malfunctioning steam traps and heating/cooling losses from the building itself, – all areas where energy can be lost. Reduce your energy waste and save money by having your facility scanned on a regular basis.

Ultrasonics identifies Costly Compressed Gas Leakage

Compressed air is all too often a major area of waste energy. Most manufacturing plants are aware of the very high cost of compressed air but are unaware of how expensive even the smallest leak can be. Ultrasonics can pinpoint extremely small leaks. The usually inexpensive repairs can easily be done and the hydro savings readily calculated.




At Vibtech “Green” offers real benefits:

  • Electronic reporting reduces paper
  • Improved efficiency
  • Increased MTBF = fewer parts used
    = lower environmental impact
  • Lower scrap rates
  • Lower energy consumption

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